Are you finding it a challenge to organise all of your

personal and family documents?

If you don't have a filing cabinet or a desk with file drawers at home, don't let that stop you from getting organised. For paperwork you refer to often, a file box is the perfect solution. You can flip through the files quickly - no deep drawers or filing cabinet necessary.


Introducing our NEW file boxes!

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to organise your child’s schoolwork and

prep for the new school year.


Portable, practical and easy access to all your important documents.

Reduce clutter on your benchtop or dining table.

I would be happy to make a box as pictured for you. You pick your preferred file colour and I’ll customise the tabs and personalise the front of the box, with a beautiful vinyl name label.

Check out this blog post to learn more.

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  • Long to live in a calm, organised home surrounded only by what you love or need?

  • Wish you had more hours in the day to get organised?

  • Get overwhelmed with clutter and commitments? 


  • Lose things and miss appointments?

Sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes and an extra pair of hands.

That's where I come in!

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Hourly Rate

Great for a casual basis. You may need us to finish off or get you started, or come for an hour a week over a longer timeframe. 


3-Hour Package

If you want to make a solid dent in a project and learn some organisational skills along the way, this is for you.


6-Hour Package

In 6-hours we can achieve whole-job makeovers (think pantry) and regain that sense of control you are yearning for.


9-Hour Package

Ideal for those bigger projects such as the garage or larger home areas. The 9-hours is split over two consecutive days.


These are just ideas so you know a little bit more about what your investment can achieve. If you are unsure of anything, or have a specific project in mind that doesn't fit within the above, please know we are flexible! We can discuss your needs during your free consultation.

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