Do you long to live in a 
CALM & ORGANISED HOME surrounded only by what you
love and need?

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We promise to always provide 100% confidentiality and judgment-free service. Our 30 minute virtual consultations are free of charge. We will discuss vision and scope of project, get measurements, and answer any questions you might have. We then will find a date that works best for your project.
Before you schedule, please make sure you have looked at our pricing information as well as the FAQs on our website to be certain The Minimalist Kiwi is a good fit.

Our 3-Step Process:

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Our Professional Organising services are perfect for you if:

You have tried to get organised on your own but lose motivation and get overwhelmed

You want someone to show you how to be more organised and keep you accountable

You are normally a very organised person but either you are time-poor or just feel stuck

You would rather spend your valuable time doing anything else

You want to feel proud of your home not embarrassed

You're arguing with your significant other and/or children over the state of the house

You want systems to simplify your life

You want to reduce the stress and anxiety you feel is caused by your environment

Your to-do list never gets smaller

Want to see some of our work?
Click on an image below to open up our Portfolio:

Playroom craft organisation
Playroom craft organisation

All your craft pieces decluttered, simplified and organised in one spot.

Playroom cube organisation
Playroom cube organisation

All the little one's toys organised into cubes with image and word labels.

Arts & crafts storage
Arts & crafts storage

Art necessities and accessories all sorted into containers. Easy to take out and easy to put away.

Paperwork organisation
Paperwork organisation

File boxes are fantastic because they are so adaptable to your needs.

Pantry organisation before (1)
Pantry organisation before (1)

Our client struggled with her corner pantry - see the before

Pantry organisation after (1)
Pantry organisation after (1)

Our client struggled with her corner pantry - until we achieved these results!

Pantry organisation before (2)
Pantry organisation before (2)

Corner pantries can be tricky to organise, so much space lost...

Pantry organisation after (2)
Pantry organisation after (2)

Our client now has turntables to easily access all the things.

Pantry organisation before (3)
Pantry organisation before (3)

Our client had a tricky time accessing anything on the lower shelves or floor...

3-Hour Package

If you want to make a solid dent in a project and learn some organisational skills along the way, this is for you.


6-Hour Package

In 6-hours we can achieve whole-job makeovers (think pantry) and regain that sense of control you are yearning for.


9-Hour Package

Ideal for those bigger projects such as the garage or larger home areas.
The 9-hours is split over two days.