Want an Organised Home Using a DIY Approach?

Do you feel motivated and excited to "get your house organised once and for all" only to pull it apart, suffer decision fatigue, wonder why you started this and then not know how or don't have the energy to put it all back?

Even if you do get decluttered, the "Donate" boxes are sliding around in the back of your car for a few weeks (maybe months). And then suddenly you need the space so you take the boxes out, reminding yourself you must get rid of them. But as time goes on, you, your husband and/or children rummage through the boxes and gradually the stuff you decluttered makes its way into your home again.

Don't worry. You are not alone. There are a plethora of reasons why getting your house organised is difficult but with help, it can be done.

Introducing, The Complete 3-Step System to Take Back Control of Your Home. I wrote this for the woman who really wants to gain control of her environment and feel calm when she walks in the door. A peek inside The Complete 3-Step System includes:

◽ Quick Fix & Motivation Kick Starter

◽ 15 Items you can declutter immediately - get it gone!

◽ Organisational Personality Quiz

◽ how to break your house up into zones

◽ the most effective and sequential method to get it done

◽ the tools you'll need (you are likely to have all of these in your home already!)

◽ a thorough list of questions to ask yourself if you get stuck making a decision on an item

◽ my delicate solution on how to deal with sentimental items you just can't let go of

◽ how to choose organisational solutions that suit your taste, space and budget

◽ Pro Tips throughout

◽ and more!

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