Top 5 Things to Declutter this Winter

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, June 01st is winter. (Quite frankly I cannot believe we are in winter already but I guess when you spend two months of Autumn locked up, you kinda miss it?)

I know we usually associate having a big clear out with Spring, but I have discovered that if you don't have a lot of 'stuff', cleaning is so much easier. So before we hit Spring cleaning, let's make that job one hundred times easier by having less stuff to clean around!

I'm going to take myself on a Winter Declutter Series (using #winterdeclutter) and lead myself through five categories:

  1. Winter Accessories - think gloves, coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, gumboots etc.

  2. Entertainment - board games, cards, books, DVDs, puzzles, toys etc.

  3. Photos - I'm not sure about tackling both physical and digital as both will be such a big job so I think I will just choose one of those for now.

  4. Linen cupboard - sheets, blankets, duvet covers, pillows, towels etc.

  5. Paper - Receipts, bills, manuals, school notices and newsletters, my notes I've taken from books...ugh, it's all got to go!

I am not a fan of those "decluttering calendars" where you have to declutter one category every day. You know the ones, they say like "30 days to a decluttered home" or whatever. It's just too unrealistic for me. I have a 9-5, two kids, a puppy to walk and train, housework to keep on top you, I have a life! I do not want to put myself under pressure to achieve yet another thing, that when I fail, it will leave me feeling bad about myself.

My Winter Declutter Series is for the woman who wants to methodically improve her home, whilst still maintaining her sanity and allowing time for fun life stuff too! I am going to allow one full week for each category...maybe more for the photos and paper as I think those are going to be huge tasks. Which is why I have never gotten around to doing them. Because truthfully, I don't want to! That's why I am starting with a super easy week, Winter Accessories. Who's with me?

Head on over to my second home, Instagram, and follow me as I lead us through the first week of the Winter Declutter Series. If you don't want to be inspired...then I would stay away. But if you do, if you are going to join me on this, then please use the hashtag (#winterdeclutter) so I can follow your journey and be inspired too!