Tidying Up and Decluttering Your Living Room

The living room is another critical centrepiece in the home. It's where we share and create memories with our loved ones. It's where we relax with a book or binge watch Netflix. At Christmas time, it's usually the room where stockings are hung, the tree is decorated and gifts are opened on Christmas morning. The living room is right up there with the kitchen as a heavy traffic zone, especially so at this time of year.

Could your living room do with a "reset"? No matter how solid your systems are, toys (the human and pet kind), books, magazines, DVDs and gadgets do not put themselves away. These items build up and multiply behind your back when you're not looking. Truth.

During this part of the series we are going to declutter, simplify and organise your living room so it is ready for the tree and extra decorations, gifts and guests. We start tomorrow so think about how you want your space to feel when you first enter it. What does your living room say about you and your family? Is it warm and inviting but a little messy? How do you want it to be? There is no right or wrong answer here, there is only what is right for you and your family. Is there a place for board games? Reading? Comfy spots to snuggle in and watch a favourite movie together? Take this opportunity to think about how you want to feel in and about your space.

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