Simplifying bathroom clutter

I posted my shower clutter on my Instagram stories a week or so ago and received a number of DMs from followers interested to see how I would deal with the challenge of simplifying our bathroom clutter. And I use the word challenge deliberately because as a family of four, three of us have various scalp, hair and skin needs.

This area of the bathroom has been an ongoing source of frustration for me, because I just didn't know what to do that would address our various needs, meet our budget and be better for the environment.

And then I discovered Ethique World from a YouTube video on minimalism. I checked their website out and promptly ordered a shampoo and conditioner bar which arrived a day after ordering. The packaging is all compostable, even the little stickers they use to seal the boxes!

Isn't their packaging wonderfully refreshing! Totally plastic free.

Although the products were $20ea, the shipping was free (because the order was over $60 minimum) and more importantly, the bars will work out the same as a regular priced supermarket shampoo and conditioner because they last three times longer. Plus, they're much better for the environment because they are plastic free and have used substanitally less water in the making of the contents!

Here is the before and after:

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are very welcome to email me!

As a side note, if anyone knows how I can get rid of the mould from the silicon sealer, let me know!

Kirstie xo