Simple Ideas to Create a Guest Haven

The guest bedroom can often be a dumping ground for a lot of household items. If your guest room is still looking like a storage area, please borrow steps from this article and apply it to the guest bedroom!

Aside from comfortable pillows, I believe the next area of focus in your guest bedroom, should be providing layers.

You need to cater for guests who are warm-blooded and want just a sheet plus a light quilt or blanket and also those that fall somewhere in the middle. Dressing your guest bed in layers so guests have options and can sleep however they’re most comfortable is key!

In this photo you can see a grey duvet, a lightweight white throw and a heavyweight pink cable knit throw. The combination of textures and colours is not only pleasing to the eye, but is practical too. Your guests can use all of it if they are feeling chilly or remove a few layers if feeling too warm.

When my guests first arrive, I tell them to feel free to take off whatever bedding layers they don’t want and I show them where they can put them so they know from the get-go that it’s ok for them to make the bed their own and there’s no awkwardness about not knowing what to do with any extra bedding.

Pro Tip: Spray a blend of essential oils for a restful sleep onto your pillows and bedding. Lavender and rose oils make for a lovely calming combination.

40ml witch hazel

200ml distilled water

10 drops of lavender essential oil

5 drops of rose essential oil

Pour all ingredients into a small dark-coloured spray bottle. Shake gently to combine before using.

Makes 250ml.