Pillow Talk - How to Clean Your Pillows

In the next stage of our Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm series, we are going to focus on the bedroom. And more specifically, I am going to start with pillows. Pillows are so personal to us, we all have a favourite type that is just right for the ideal night's sleep.

In the past three months I have been to Haast, Hokitika, Kaikoura, Christchurch and Queenstown. Every place I slept in had two choices of pillow, either hard or soft. It's such a good idea and something I haven't really noticed before now. 🤷‍♀️

I love getting inspiration from hotels so this is something I am going to implement at home for my guests. Especially when we can host international guests again.

If you are hosting guests for the holidays, don't overlook where they lay their head. Don't just focus on the room looking pretty. A good night's sleep from a decent pillow will be far more appreciated than dusky pink and grey tones (as pretty as those tones are)!

The first step is to gather all your pillows and assess what you have. If there are pillows that are so old and/or stained that you will never use again, why are you holding on to them? If you won't sleep on them, I hope they aren't reserved for your guests! Time to get rid of them.

How often to replace your pillow?

A quick google tells us to replace our pillows every 1-2 years. That seems a little wasteful to me. Further investigation has led me to this nugget of advice: simply fold your pillow in half. If it doesn’t bounce back, get rid of it, it’s time for a new pillow. If it springs to life when folded over, it’s still good!

How often to wash your pillow?

Did you know that your pillow doubles in weight over a span of time from absorbing dust, mould, oil, bacteria, allergens, and dead skin cells when we sleep on them? Gross! 🤢

Perhaps you have some good pillows but they are in need of a refresh? Between washes I like to sprinkle mine with baking soda and vacuum it up half an hour later. (This is good for mattresses too.)

Another quick google tells us to wash our pillows 3 times a year. I'd love to say I wash mine that often but reality is I wash mine once a year. Check your pillow's label to see how to wash them. If you are washing a feather pillow, be sure to dry it in the tumble dryer with dryer balls. The balls beat the feathers, drying them more thoroughly and fluffing them back up again.

Pro Tip: If your pillow smells, add half a cup of baking soda into the wash. If your pillow is musty, mouldy or has mildew, throw in some vinegar into the wash cycle. You could add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the fabric conditioner tray or spray them lightly once they are dry with a lavender scented spray.