My Morning Routine

Yesterday I shared with you the importance of an evening routine, in order to start the day one step ahead. (Missed it? Dont worry, you can view that post here.) Now is the most important time to stick to a routine because, well, in case you hadnt noticed, the world has been flipped on its head and everything is upside down. Having a routine provides structure and a sense of being in control. It allows us to prioritise the yummy, important things that keep us happy and healthy. Like exercise and good food. In fact, Mel Robbins agrees with this. Yesterday she said "you have to create a (morning) routine if you want to be happy, successful, feel confident and in control."

Below is my morning routine. Leave out what does not apply to you and add in what does. Either way, whatever your morning routine looks like, make a promise to yourself to follow it.

My Morning Routine

Rise and Shine

- get up at 5am (this gives me one hour to myself before my youngest wakes)

- drink freshly squeezed lemon with a tiny bit of salt in hot water

- while drinking, I write in my Start Today Journal

- I have my first glass of water (hydrate, hydrate, hydrate) and make a cup of coffee (if I feel like breakfast I will make it now)

- while drinking, I read and take notes from a personal development book (currently reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard)

- exercise, this could be going for a run, doing Yoga or Pilates, depending on my training program

- shower, dress, hair and makeup (makeup is optional right now!)

- I clean the toilet and bathroom (if not done the night before)

- hang laundry up

- make the bed (for years I didn't do this - because my natural default is slob - and it makes such a difference!)

The Kitchen

- if I did my evening routine the kitchen is clean

- make lunches

- feed the pets

- make sure the kids are sorted and have done their chores

Think about your day

- check my calendar

- make my to-do list

- hit the clutter spots (if not done the night before)

Now think about yourself

- take viatmins/medications

- reward myself with social media time!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to drop me a line.

Have a wonderful day!