It's Time to Put the Tree Up!

Although I usually wait until the first weekend of December before putting the Christmas tree up, I think we can call agree that in 2020, we can put our Christmas tree up whenever we want to!!

If you have followed along the entire Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm Series, you guys have done an amazing job! Not only have you decluttered, simplified and organised your kitchen, but your living room too!

After dusting yesterday, your floor will need a good vacuum. The first thing I want you to clean is the skirts/baseboards and outer area of the floor. Work your way around the room, but don't bother doing where the tree will go, or where you lay it. Christmas trees usually cast some needles (fake, or real) on the floor. No one wants to vacuum the same spot twice.

Now for the FUN part!! I usually do this with Christmas music playing in the background and my kids helping. However, my 15 year old is not really interested in participating this year, so it could be just me and Mr 11. Set up your tree and decorate it.

3 Simple Steps to Decorating a Christmas Tree:

  1. First to go on is always the lights. I go from bottom first, spiralling upward round and round, until I get to the top.

  2. Add ribbon, garland or, if you must, tinsel. I loosely wrap wide, patterned ribbon around the entire tree in horizontal bands.

  3. The final step in decorating your tree is to hang your Christmas ornaments. Here's what to consider as you're adding Christmas tree decorations:

  • To showcase your favourite ornaments, place them in prime positions on the tree first.

  • Next, hang your larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. Ornament balls in one colour but several sizes and textures will create continuity from top to bottom. Hang the larger ones on the bottom, the smaller at the top.

  • Fill in around those ornaments with medium- and small-size ornaments. Be sure to hang some ornaments closer to the trunk to create depth and interest. They reflect the light to make your tree sparkle from the inside. Make the tree yours by adding specialty items, such as handmade ornaments, clip-on ornaments, or icicles.

  • Finish the look with a simple tree topper and a festive tree skirt.

Finally, put everything away and give the surrounding area a good vacuum. How good does it feel to have your tree up?!