INTRODUCING: TMK Document Boxes - the perfect paper clutter buster!

Paper - it is the arch nemesis of anyone trying to run a decluttered, simplified and organised home.

Note: This post is highlighting our School Memory boxes. Please see the end of the post for details on our other boxes available!

If you have children, then you know at the beginning and ending of the school year, our beloved darlings come home with backpacks bulging with artwork, notices, permission slips, forms to complete, report cards, exercise books and leftover stationery. Some of it can go straight into recycling, but what can you do with those special pieces you want to keep?

INTRODUCING TMK School Memory boxes! I made a School Memory box one for each of my children about ten years ago (2011) and ever since, they have become worth their weight in gold. It can take some time to create, but you will end up with a filing system that works seamlessly.

If you want to be more organised in 2021 (and who doesn’t?), then that old saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place” needs to become a rule in your house! And one of the best places to start getting organised is with your kids' school papers, artwork and other important documents. A School Memory box are the perfect kid paper clutter buster (say that fast 10x 😂).

If you don’t have a home for all the birthday cards your kids receive, where do they end up? If you don’t have a home for all the report cards and other keep-worthy items you want to save, where does everything end up? Stuffed in drawers, crammed under beds and spread out all over your kitchen counter and dining room table, that’s where.

You need my School Memory box system. Fill with your favourite memories and *ahem* quietly recycle the rest! One School Memory box per child with a designated file for every important category. Categories are personalised to your needs, but can include:

◽ Pregnancy

◽ Baby

◽ Toddler

◽ Kindergarten

◽ Year One, Year Two, Year Three etc (one dedicated file for each year of school)

◽ Awards

◽ Certificates

◽ Cards

◽ etc

I have added the category "Banking" to my boys' School Memory box. Inside the file insert are details of their bank accounts I have been adding to over the years, their Superannuation and Investment Portfolios. My plan is to surprise them on their 21st birthday with their School Memory box - imagine their faces when they see the financial head start they will be receiving! (Hopefully they won't read this blog before then!)

Document boxes aren't just for School Memories though. They are also perfect for:

1. Wedding Planning Box - Know someone who just got engaged? We all know organising a wedding is a massive undertaking. Our Wedding Planning box is a catch-all for the brochures, quotes, samples and ideas. Categories could include Budget, Cake, Checklists, Dress, Flowers, Honeymoon, Invitations, Photographer, Receipts, Rings etc.

2. Life Admin Box - Perfect to get for yourself or a young adult who has just moved out of the family home. Categories could include Auto, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Documents, Home Renovation/Repairs, Insurance, Investments, Landlord, Medical, Mortgage etc.

3. Emergency File Box - One spot for all the irreplaceable documents. Categories could include Birth Certificates, Contacts, Doctor, Family Records, Genealogy, Home Inventory, Identification, Insurance, Marriage Certificate, Passwords, Pet etc.

4. Health Box - If you or a loved one have ongoing health concerns, a Health Box will keep you on top of all the relevant paperwork. Immunizations, Paediatrician, Results, Research, Tests etc.

Don’t want to make one yourself? I’d love to make it for you! As an introductory offer, I am selling our TMK Document Boxes for $70 (for a limited time - shipping would be extra).

If you would like to make an enquiry about our Document boxes, simply click here to go to our Contact page.