How to Organise Your Utensil Drawer

I'm not much of a cook. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I can cook, but I dislike cooking. It's not my idea of fun and I certainly do not find it relaxing. Probably because it's around the time when the kids need help with their homework, everyone is starving after coming in from some sort of sporting activity, and the pets are demanding attention after not seeing us all day. To add to all this, I realise I need a particular utensil, but can’t find it because the utensil storage is jam-packed with every cooking implement under the sun. I frantically rummage through looking for that one implement while something burns or overcooks or spills.

With extra people, meals and courses, you need plenty of cutlery and utensils for Christmas. You might have cutlery that is for special occasions. I used to keep the cutlery we got for our wedding for special occasions. But it was actually more work to bring it out, keep it separate to our every-day cutlery, so we didn’t! It sat unused in its beautiful wooden box with navy blue velvet interior for years.

Kitchen storage generally is something many of us overlook or don’t take the time to do properly. We move into a house, find some drawers and dump all the utensils in there hoping for the best. But all that is about to change! Let's organise both your cutlery and utensil drawers with my simple 3-step method.

Step 1: Declutter - Take everything out of the drawer. and rest it on your clean kitchen benchtop. Be realistic about how or if you use every item and then purge. You may not have done this for years and come across all sorts of items!

Pro Tip: Now is the time to clean the drawer. You can either use a vacuum (easiest) or make a pile with a dry cloth and then collect it by using a damp cloth. Disinfect the drawer at this stage too.

Step 2: Simplify - Sort, group and arrange what you have remaining into piles. You will find some items that you may not want in your junk drawer after all. Put those aside and continue to stack the remaining contents.

Step 3: Organise - Measure the width and height and depth of your drawer and decide what you will use to divide your items. Depending on the dimensions of your drawer, here are some creative and unexpected utensil drawer dividers:

  • Empty shoeboxes

  • Tupperware that is missing a lid

  • Expand-a-drawer organiser

  • Multiple sections drawer organiser

  • Shallow drawer organisers

  • Deep drawer organisers

  • Muffin tins

  • Ice cube trays

  • Makeup trays

  • Small see-through snap-lid storage boxes

Organise the grouped items in your new dividers. Remember, this is not about everything being perfect, all the time. The contents of your drawer can remain a mishmash as long as you can quickly see what's in there. It's about making your kitchen easier and more efficient to work in.

Pro Tip: once you have found a spot for your utensils that works, use the power of labelling to maintain your drawer. If a utensil is in the same spot every time, imagine how much easier and quicker it will be to grab it in a hurry.