How to Deep Clean Your Living Room (+ DIY All-Purpose Cleaner)

Can you feel it?!! We are on the home stretch of the Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm series, getting your home holiday-ready!!

We started in the kitchen and pantry, because Christmas is all about gathering loved ones together and sharing food.

And then we created space in the living room because that is usually where most of the decorations are to be displayed, including the centrepiece - the Christmas tree!

Now you have decluttered your living room, it's time to dust. It won't take nearly as long to do now you have clear surfaces!

Personally, I like to use microfibre cloths which I dampen with a homemade cleaner (recipe below). But you can use any cloth. Just be sure to dampen it with cleaner, traps the dust into the cloth. Do not use a dusters that flick dust into the air, only for it to settle on surfaces again as soon as your back is turned.

Pro Tip: Start top to bottom, left to right, working in a circle around the room.

Using a homemade cleaner is better for your budget, the environment and your health. Here's my favourite DIY All Purpose Cleaner for a beautiful scented all-purpose cleaner that I use all around my house, courtesy of Eleanor Ozich, The Art of Simple.


2 tsp baking soda

2 tsp liquid castile or dish soap

10 drops of grapefruit essential oil

10 drops of lime essential oil

475ml of hot water

Combine ingredients into a dark-coloured spray bottle and shake well to combine before each use.

I make up a bottle of this all-purpose spray every other week, as I use it on almost everything! The pure essential oils in this formula not only smell delicious, they're also antibacterial and clean surfaces beautifully.