How to Declutter Your Living Room

Your living room should be a place to kick back and relax, a private space to enjoy family life. However, for many of us, it’s just another room we look at and think, “What a mess”.

Since so many of our daily activities take place in there, the living room can end up as a dumping ground for the minutiae of everyday life. It’s also a room where misguided interior design aspirations can lead to clutter, rather than calm - there’s a fine line between looking cosily lived-in and chaotic.


Cushions, throws and plants inject texture, colour and life to your living room, but there is such a thing as too much. If you need to move cushions to sit down, then they shouldn't be there. Pare back what you have by at least half.


Before you go out and buy additional storage, think carefully about what you already have. With technology moving on dramatically over the past decade, many of us are left with outdated VHS tapes or even DVDs we don’t watch any more, thanks to streaming services. You can save lots of valuable storage by decluttering old media without much effort. Last year, I decluttered my entertainment unit of (mostly) kid's DVDs. I simply put them in a big box, labelled it FREE, put it at the front gate and posted on our local community social media group. It was all gone within an hour.


Realistically, some toys may need to be stored in the living room but this doesn’t mean they have to be visible once the kids are in bed. For young children, incorporate ‘tidy up time’ into the evening routine and choose attractive storage such as cubby holes with wicker drawers. See this blog post on how to manage kids toys.

Knick Knacks

If you’re a sentimental type or love collecting you can quickly end up with lots of trinkets covering every shelf of the living room. Less is more when it comes to ornaments and prized possessions. If your living room is full, then how can the things you really love stand out? Additionally, from a practical perspective it’s much harder to clean a cluttered shelf or surface.

Pro Tip: Aim to box up half of your trinkets but keep them for a while. If you don't miss them, check with family members if they want them and if not, donate them. If you just can't bear to pass them on, putting them on a rotation system makes for a bit of fun and keeps your room feeling refreshed.