From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm

Does Christmas surprise you every year? Do you find yourself running around in the last few weeks attending all the events, taking the kids to all their events, buying presents, extra food, greeting cards and don't forget the wrapping paper?! Do you get to Boxing Day and think, "next year will be different"?

Well, this year will be different and not just because there's a global pandemic.

Introducing my, "From Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm" series.

Every week we will focus on a different room in your home that guests are likely to use - kitchen, living room, guest room, bathroom, etc. Even if you're not expecting guests this year, you can still follow along and get your house holiday ready!

For most, Christmas Day is centered around food and sharing a meal together. I like to start adding one or two extra items to my weekly shop between now and Christmas Day. That way, it spreads out the cost and I can also make sure I don't forget anything or the store hasn't run out. But this means I need space to store it all.

So it makes sense to start in the kitchen and make room for all the extras - food, drinks, table runners, napkins, crackers, decorations etc.

Check back tomorrow for our 1st kitchen task to take your home from Christmas Chaos to Christmas Calm!

Also, I am planning on an awesome GIVEAWAY at the end of the series to a special follower that has engaged, participated, shared and tagged.