Bedside Table Essentials for a Good Night's Sleep

Every bed needs a bedside table and every bedside table needs to be well organised with the essentials to make sleep easier.

While you might not want everything on your bedside table all the time, when you are hosting guests, it's thoughtful to ensure they have easy access to the following:

Bedside light

A bedside light is a must, both for reading and for night time preparations for sleep. If space is limited, you can do just as well with a wall-mounted sconce or one of those clip-to-your-headboard lights.

Alarm Clock

This is debatable because one might argue that with cell phones we don't necessarily need an alarm clock. However, if you like to switch your phone off at night but you wake up and want to know what the time is, an alarm clock is easy solution. Also, for someone like me who is blind without her glasses, the big numbers on an alarm clock make it easy to tell the time. Just be sure the alarm is not set so your guests don't get woken up with a fright by an unexpected alarm.


I like to keep my hand cream on my bedside table so I can moisturise my hands prior to bed. It's the longest time the cream gets to stay on my hands because during the day, it just gets washed or sanitised off!

Your guest may be a little dry from travelling. Provide a coaster for a water glass or a coffee in bed.

A nice lip balm always goes down well, for the same reason to provide a coaster - travelling is thirsty work and no one enjoys dry, cracked lips.

Guests might not have been to your home town before. Provide a couple of brochures on 'things to do' in your area or a book with interesting facts and history on your town.

Providing pen and paper always goes down well with those who would rather write something down than put it in their phone.

A scented candle or a diffuser is a nice touch. Both represent relaxation and rest.

In the cooler months we might have the sniffles and in the warmer months your guest may have hayfever. A small box of tissues is useful too.

In the past I have provided my international guests with Universal Plug Adapters...we won't be needing one this year.

What are your bedside table must-haves?