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Dunedin's very own Marie Kondo!

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I’m Kirstie Gillon-Wood, Dunedin’s very first Professional Organiser.

For 30+ years, I have been decluttering, simplifying and organising and I love seeing how implementing sustainable organising techniques can improve my clients’ lives! As you might expect from a professional organiser, I’m a detail fanatic, and I love anything that saves time, boosts productivity, and works to make life…easier. Previously, I owned a Life Coaching business, supporting small business owners in creating systems and processes to automate and leverage their businesses. 

I’m a wife and mum of two boys, an over-enthusiastic border collie and grumpy cat. I try to be a runner (the word try is intentional), I love Whittaker’s creamy caramel chocolate and my guilty pleasure is watching reality shows on Bravo.


I understand how decluttering your physical space and implementing systems can take away the overwhelm and replace it with the freedom to spend your time on what makes you happy.  I am passionate about sharing my obsession with organising to help others make more space in their lives for what really matters.


I started The Minimalist Kiwi to share my love of organising by offering my services to families, mums, working women… anyone who is fed up of the clutter and wants to find a more organised way of life. Sometimes you just need a little bit of help, and that’s where I come in.


I know what it’s like to juggle raising a family, work full-time, make sure everyone is fed and happy, all whilst trying to keep fit, pursue hobbies and creative interests, and maintain a social life. By bringing together my own experience, top-notch organisational skills and a precise attention to detail, I can help you find the space and time that you are looking for.

With my Diploma in Life Coaching, I will gently guide you through and bring your home out of chaos and into CALM.

I believe in putting my clients first and provide exceptional customer service and hard-to-beat rates.

Get in touch; I’m waiting to hear from you.