Are you preparing for a move? The Minimalist Kiwi can get you organised and packed for a seamless move. Helping you unpack is our specialty. Your new home will be custom designed with beautiful products and systems in place to help feel (and stay) decluttered, simplified and organised.



Imagine having your go-to ingredients in a space that is easily accessible. Not only will an organised pantry help keep your benchtop decluttered, you will save time and money - no more expired food and duplicates!

Create a space that is fluid, functional and easy to maintain. 


 Having designated areas for your important documents, filing everything correctly, and having a clean and tidy workspace, can help reduce stress and even uplift your mood as you work.

Keeping an organised workspace makes it easier for you to find things exactly when you need them and it can also help you keep a clear head while working.


An organised wardrobe allows you to see exactly what you have at all times. This will prevent you from buying duplicate items or pieces of clothing that closely resemble what you already have. With an organised wardrobe, all your outfits will be at your fingertips and in ready-to-wear condition. 

A wardrobe that is fully optimised will naturally bring increased storage capacity. 


wardrobe organisation

Wendy says:

Before Kirstie came to tackle my disorganised and jam-packed wardrobe, I never even noticed half my clothes! Now that I have a rotating system in place and everything is in order, I now love choosing what to wear each day.

pantry organisation

Suzy says:

It may sound silly but having my pantry organised has been absolutely life changing! 

playroom toy organisation

Jenny says:

I have been able to reclaim some sense of sanity and order in the house! It's so easy to tidy up the kids' toys and books!